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Solve the unscooped pet waste problem once and for all. Proudly providing clean soles for green souls on managed properties!

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Dog Poop DNA Collection Kit Products

PooPrints is a BioPet Vet Lab, Inc. company with an animal genetics R&D laboratory located in Knoxville, TN. BioPet Vet Lab began as a division of EDP Biotech with a focus on customer service and quick turn-around. EDP develops products to identify blood proteins elevated in the early stages of specific cancers, and produces simple in vitro diagnostic tests for use in early screening. Lab service expanded, using DNA to determine what breeds were present in mixed breed dogs and a breed ID test was developed and launched.

BioPet quickly recognized the value of analyzing and storing canine DNA for identification purposes and BioPet purchased a 20% interest in the World Pet Registry. Throughout 2009 and 2010, R&D continued for tests that could utilize the World Pet Registry tracking system. Breed ID sales were going strong, proof of parentage was invented for breeders, so that they could accurately trace pedigree of their litters, and PooPrints was invented for managed properties, so that they could manage pet waste on their property.

Starting at $29.95 per dog toward an immediate and sustainable difference!

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